By far the most unusual rig we have owned is a Liteweight Caravette which we towed with a motorcycle and sidecar. You might think caravanning is out of your league with a motorbike. But that was never going to stop Don. We towed this mini caravan with a 1984 six cylinder Kawasaki 1300 Voyager motorcycle, which sported a twin seat side car which we had custom fitted by Kurt Nielsen in Katikati. All up we could take 4 people and two kayaks on the roof. The back of the caravette folds up to make a roof and a canvas awning drops down and attaches to a solid wooden floor, which folds out from the back of the caravette. Marilyn remade the canvas to include a toilet tent and a full annex expanding the usable space to approximately 3 metres by 3.5 metres. It was a great way to holiday, and certainly received its share of attention everywhere we went.

It left us to become a hunting getaway in the back blocks of New Zealand.