Mike and Lynn, ex pat Kiwis, featured in our latest book Vintage and Retro Caravans Downunder with their 1947 Caravanette. A beautiful cream and teal teardrop shaped van with a snug and cosy interior. They are now putting their restoration skills to use on their recently acquired 1950s 10 foot Furness. Furness caravans were built in Adelaide. They were working to a tight deadline, hoping to have it finished by the Angelsea vintage caravan rally.  (November 24-36). Angelsea is 110 kms from Melbourne on the coast.

The photo shows the canvas roof being prepared for shrinking. This is a process rarely seen on New Zealand caravans, so its great to get a good shot of it to show us Kiwis what the Aussies are doing. Many thanks Mike and Lynn.

By the way if you want to find out about Vintage Caravan Events in Australia try this link


We plan to attend the 2018 Vintage Caravan Nationals in Wangaratta,  Victoria, April 20-27. Wangaratta is approximately 250 kms from north east of Melbourne. We believe they are expecting over 200 caravans to attend. We’re going to rent a vintage van on site. Are there any other Kiwis interested in going? We’d love to hear from you.