Classic Car & Caravan Combos Downunder

With the popularity of vintage and classic caravans increasing exponentially across both Australia and New Zealand it was only a matter of time before we saw the rise in the vintage and classic tow car. They are creative works of road going art, making a stunning combination and grabbing attention wherever they go.

Don and Marilyn feature forty classic car and caravans from across Australia and New Zealand in an exciting new book along with over twenty snapshots.

Within these pages, we find vintage and retro caravan owners who have embraced the classic tow car and added a new dimension to their hobby.

Similarly, we find classic car owners who have expanded their love of classic cars to include a classic caravan.

The car and caravan combos will excite many people and bring back nostalgic memories for many others. The book does come with a warning. If you own a classic caravan, you may well be tempted to buy a classic tow car. On the other hand, if you own a classic car you may soon find yourself searching for a classic or vintage caravan.

All the books purchased through this website will be signed by Don and/or Marilyn.

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