Don Jessen

Don was born into a New Zealand caravan dynasty. His father, Tek Jessen, founded Liteweight Caravans in 1946 and by 1968 was New Zealand’s largest Caravan manufacturer. The Jessen family were avid caravanners with many weekends and holidays spent away in the caravan. On leaving school Don took up a coach building apprenticeship with Liteweight. He held various roles including, National Service Manager, Production Manager, and at age of 24 became a Director of Liteweight Caravans. To this day, Don remains a keen caravanner, with a special interest in vintage caravans, of which he owns two.

After Liteweight he owned and ran companies in the areas of Commercial Property Servicing, Real Estate Media and Residential Property Investment.

Don has had a lifelong interest in writing, and is passionate about caravans, boats, cars and motorcycles, with a strong interest in vintage aircraft, home renovation and clinical hypnotherapy.

Today, he is enjoying his supposed retirement, writing books, along with restoring old caravans and following his passions.