Don and Marilyn Jessen are passionate about all things vintage and retro.

For Don it’s about boats, aeroplanes, and anything with wheels, including cars, motorcycles and especially caravans. For Marilyn it’s about fabrics, décor and crafts, and her special field of interest, telling a story through photography.


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Three Wheeling Downunder

The wind in your face, the freedom of the highway, the power and connection between rider and machine provide the ultimate ride. From vintage sidecars to futuristic trikes and three wheeled cars, these vehicles capture the imagination like no other.

Classic Car and Caravan Combos Downunder

With the popularity of vintage and classic caravans increasing exponentially across both Australia and New Zealand it was only a matter of time before we saw the rise in the vintage and classic tow car.

Don and Marilyn’s blog

It’s no secret that authors write some of the best blogs. Don and Marilyn are passionate about their subjects and love sharing their reflections and discoveries with their readers. You can click on any of the links to below to read the full article.

The Authors

Don first caught the writing bug with Retro Caravans after collecting photos and stories on the newly emerging retro caravan scene. From there he wrote the history of Liteweight Caravans, his family’s company, called A Great Indoors for a Great Outdoors.

Marilyn joined him on his third and fourth books, Retro Boats, and Vintage and Iconic Aircraft, taking the photographs. The aircraft book saw them touring New Zealand in their 1956 Liteweight Kiwi caravan covering 8500 kms.

At the same time, Marilyn wrote and photographed Her Space – She Sheds, Back Rooms, and Kitchen Tables, which features sixty ordinary New Zealand women doing extraordinary crafty, arty and creative things in their special spaces. Vintage and Retro Caravans Downunder, is their first collaboration on writing, and includes both Australian and New Zealand caravans.

Both Don and Marilyn love a good story, and enjoy the challenge of capturing the wonderful people they meet.

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